Whether you are a seasoned collector or a young sports car enthusiast, our all-round service aims to achieve safety, maximum performance and outstanding driving pleasure.

Inspections: service routines

For both classic and new Porsches, our inspections always provide the right set-up for your car, from oil changes to detailed inspection.

TÜV / AU: passed check

We will also take care of your general inspections, usually every two years. TÜV is available three times a week on site.

Full vehicle care

We polish, grow and seal your sports car by hand. We also offer interior cleaning and leather care.
Our self-evident: We generally deliver your car washed and vacuum cleaned.

Vehicle storage: always in good hands

Warm, dry and in the best company: during winter and/or summer-time your vehicle can be safely stored at us. As soon as either winter or summer season is starting we will get your vehicle ready: we check all systems (incl. battery) and clean the vehicle so it will be „ready-to-drive“.

Changing the wheels: always with best traction

Also seasonal, we offer the change between summer and winter wheels. You are welcome to store your set of wheels with us. For the new season, the wheel set is cleaned within an ultrasonic bath to remove major stain and balanced to maintain driving comfort.