„In this project, we have incorporated our experience of the last 40 years – for THE GREEN MACHINE, we have brought together the best of all air-cooled 911s.“

Thomas Lundt

A unique 911 - THE GREEN MACHINE

Lundtauto SportwagenService has specialized in service, repair and restoration of all Porsche models for more than 40 years. Our team – consisting of experts in engine technology, bodywork, paint & more – has brought the experience of the past years with great attention to detail to bring a very special model on the road. With this 911 – internally christened „THE GREEN MACHINE“ – Thomas Lundt has implemented a unique project: The fusion of three 911 generations combines the sophisticated technology of the 964, the electric helpers of the 993 and the timeless beauty of an F model. The result is a reinterpretation of a Zuffenhausen classic that has never been built before. A great deal of time, heart and soul and attention to detail has been put into the build of this unique sports car, the most important details are listed below. All modifications are of course registered and approved by the TÜV – as well as the car has a historic H license plate.

The Vehicle

A 964 Carrera 4 Coupe from August 1990 served as the basis, an era that purists consider the pinnacle of air-cooled 911s. The car was first completely stripped down to the bodyshell. The body was ice-blasted and extensively modified: The rear side panels were swapped for Porsche Carrera RS parts. The trunk lid and front fenders are made of GRP. The trunk lid, front bumper (911S) and rear bumper (Carrera RS), as well as the sill panels were adapted in the style of the famous F models.



Year of manufacture


Production number


Country of delivery


Initial registration


Previous owner

1.900 km

Mileage (since restoration)


Vehicle documents

Irish green

Exterior color

Creme ("Anis")

Interior paint

Left (LHD)


1,300 kg

Base weight


Leistung (in PS)

295 km/h

Maximum speed

Air cooled boxer



Displacement (cc)



5 speed manual transmission




The 3.6 liter engine of the 964 was completely disassembled, overhauled and optimized. The result is a stable 290 hp measured on the test bench. Rounding out this rich increase in power compared to the series version of a 2-flow exhaust system made of stainless steel. The transmission was replaced by a revised 5-speed gearbox and a new clutch was installed. The Porsche was converted from all-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive (Carrera 2) and has a Bilstein suspension. New Fuchs wheels (THE RETRO FUCHSFELGE®) in 7 x and 9 x 17 inches including new tires complete the classic-modern look.

Ganz im Geiste eines modernen Klassikers erhielt der Wagen die klassische Porsche Farbe Irisch-grün. Der Lack wurde originalgetreu im ursprünglichen Einschichtlack Verfahren aufgetragen. Die Sitze wurden mit exklusivem Leder in der Farbe „Anis“ neu bezogen und stehen im geschmackvollen Kontrast zum dunklen Lack des Wagens. Im Inneren wurde zusätzlich ein maßgefertigter Teppich verlegt. Die originalen Instrumente wurden durch klassische Instrumente im Retro Look ersetzt und runden das Erscheinungsbild des Porsches perfekt ab. Trotzdem muss man nicht auf Annehmlichkeiten wie eine Klimaanlage, Sitzheizung, ein Schiebedach, und ein Porsche Classic Radio (PCCM) verzichten.
In Summe ein einzigartiges Fahrzeug, das ikonisches Design, moderne Annehmlichkeiten und beeindruckende Leistung vereint. Seit Fertigstellung im April 2020, ist das Fahrzeug rund 1.900 km gelaufen – somit optimal eingefahren und eingestellt.
Ein einzigartiges Fahrzeug, welches bereits verkauft ist. Wir bieten jedoch an bei Bereitstellung eines 964 auch in anderen Ausführungen (z.B. Außenfarbe, Felgen, Interior) herzustellen.

„This is the first of its kind, we already have customer requests for more vehicles.“

Thomas Lundt

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